New storefront coming September 2014

As many of you who have been with us from the start know MWOTR has been sold at a few places online. The prototypes were sold at my Fantastic Plastic Toy store while the PVC has been sold at the True Cast Studio store.

With the added skus of things like the playmat, future comics, future series of PVC and “other” items we have not revealed yet we thought it was best to give MWOTR its own dedicated store.

Nothing will really change as far as how you get our stuff, all you will need to do is click the SHOP button and it will take you to whatever storefront we have.

But we figured it was best to give people a heads up since the change will be instant when it goes live.

We hope this change helps MWOTR fans pickup everything they want fast and with ease as it will require no account setup and be designed to get in and out with product.

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  1. Feroz Nazir says:


    Getting everything from one store will also reduce shipping costs, which can be quite a lot for international buyers.

  2. jevon says:

    Real nice!!


    This makes sense. The only to go.

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