MWOTR Volume 4 teaser page

I think we have said it before but since Volume 3 put a close to the immediate saga of Widowmaker vs Sheldon Sabre and left Widowmaker as the AWF Champion, we wanted to switch focus onto the Tag Teams.

So Volume 4 will show the events of Winged Fury’s rise to power and their fall at the hands of Lapin Loco and then setup another 2-3 issue arc involving stories hinted at in the bios.

Tag teams never get enough love, even in our world its more difficult to manage them because their stories involve twice as many people (or more with managers and valets).  But out of all of our characters I think the Tag Teams are the most creative.

Lee is having a fun time on this, tag team action is generally wilder and more fast paced. He sent over this page yesterday to give you guys a tease


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    I think with real life tag team wrestling is they just don’t invest in the time. a tag team run lasts what 3 months? then they are broken up.

    • Mark says:

      If even, 3 months would be generous lol

      But you are right it takes time because you have invest the people in the “team” and apparently in real life that takes too much time away from Stephanie McMahon or HHH standing in the ring selling the WWE Network for $9.99 for 15min or talking about themselves. Tag Teams are great “filler” too because its like having 4 guys in your roster in the ring and there is an actual reason the matches would take longer then 5min. You think in this day and age where they are looking for things to fill all the hours of TV that WWE has they would embrace the Tag Team division more just to have content.

      Oh well hope you guys like we will be handling it, it should be a really fun story when everything comes together across the multiple issues

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