Labor Day @ Jay’s CD & Hobby

We spent Labor Day at Jay’s CD and Hobby from 10a-3pm , meeting with fans and promoting our toyline as well as Marty’s Kabuto Mushi and Adam Smith’s Walking Dud

Here are some quick images, I have some more on my phone that will be added later tonight

We plan on making this a once or twice a month thing, our next store visit will be at their Valley West Mall store location on a Saturday (date and time TBD)




Also Takeshi Sumo is now officially 100% sold out, Josh will start working on some more to have at D-Con in November

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    Just now seeing this.

    waaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww man!

    See. This is what I get for NOT venturing out the house.

    Not making this mistake again.


    Just want to add:

    Just got home today(9/3/14) and my figures was waiting for me.

    I took them out and they are nice. I like the colors (purple & silver). I wishing the existing figures came in these new colors.

    They look huge. a tiny bit of weight to them.

    • Mark says:

      I am glad you like him, he is a fun figure.

      We are always looking for feedback on colors, urethane allows us to explore some neat color options and see a “What If” approach to our regular PVC line.

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