Ring mock ups

It was requested that people see how the rings look colored, so I did this quick and dirty color job to give an idea of what the vinyl dyed rings may look like in certain colors


Currently Yellow is in the lead, followed by Blue and then Black (Blue and Black are only separated by a few vote)

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3 Responses to Ring mock ups

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Thanks for the coloring.

    Basic black is still my favorite, especially with those new ropes.

    • Mark says:

      For the first release we will go with whatever wins and so far its seriously 1-2 votes that separate Yellow/Blue/Black. So maybe now that I posted a little guide we can get a clear and definite winner. We have those new ropes in a multitude of colors, thankfully they all work with black lol

  2. Bartimus says:

    LOVE how yellow looks. Wish I could change my vote from white to yellow.

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