Des Moines I-Con Recap

This weekend was really fun for me and my wife, we want to thank all who came out!! We introduced kids all day to our world of the Mystical Warriors.

We met a few fans who post to this blog and we hope they enjoyed their time with us.

Top things we learned today

1. Kayin Kungaa is by far the favorite for ages 3-6

2. People did not believe the belt was the real thing…oh yes it is very real

We also were approached by executives with the Iowa Wild Hockey Team about bringing MWOTR in during their superhero/comic events!

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2 Responses to Des Moines I-Con Recap

  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    That said belt has some heft/weight to it. I was expecting it to be light. Like some kids toy or prop.

    I managed to introduce myself but had to leave cause said kids came in and was taking interest in them.

    The giants have some heft to them two. Wasn’t expecting that.

    Congrats about the Iowa Wild.

    It was a nice little con. I haven’t been in Vets since they remodeled it. It looks nice.

  2. jevon says:

    So great to see all the kids playing with all the mwotr figures! My kids love getting out the mat and ring and creating their own matches and getting lost in their own little world. Priceless. With all the electronics and technology now its great to see something like mwotr still be able to capture kids imaginations like toy lines did when i was a kid ! Your the man mark keep it up!!!

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