MWOTR Evolution Debuts and we join a family…

As many people know we have worked with Onell Design and the Glyos Factory extensively to launch the PVC Series 1.

Our collaborations have always been rooted in much more then that, we have known Marty for over a decade and by extension have gotten to know Matt Doughty as well. We were part of the glyos family in terms of where we got our figures made but now we are truly part of the Glyos family in terms of what our product is!

So it was only natural that as we move forward we wanted to do something really groundbreaking. It must be said this figure would not have been possible without the assistance of a silent investor, they ask to remain unnamed but the entire Glyos universe and the MWOTR nation owes them a huge debt of gratitude.

The idea of making Goliath for the masses is probably the biggest request we get, but in order to do so and not go out of business as a PVC he would have had to be creative. It must also be said that we are not leaving the minifigure market, Goliath is an extension to what we already make and a compliment to our Series 2 which is on its way.

That is where the genius of Matt Doughty comes into the picture. I knew just from working with Kabuto Mushi with Marty that Goliath even though a “mini” was large enough for certain parts to scale with the figures in the Glyos universe. Matt took that a step further and along with Paul and his team in China tooled Goliath to be both a action figure mini and a fully compatible Glyos figure.

This Goliath is based on the original prototype so it has things like his Dragon-esque points on his chin like in his original concept art.

As you can see in the pictures if you just want Goliath for his parts you can use those in your building or if you could care less and just want him for your MWOTR collection he comes now in the form a deluxe mini. It truly is the best of both worlds and we feel something that has rarely been explored in any real depth outside an earlier Glyos figure like the Crayboth.

As a special debut to D-Con in addition to Series 2 test shots we will have a LIMITED edition of Goliath Evolution figures in the same brown used for Rig Crew and Kabuto Mushi Beetorians to show off the building aspect for those interested in Glyos. This color will never be run in MWOTR and was only done this one time.


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3 Responses to MWOTR Evolution Debuts and we join a family…


    Not quite what I was thinking but as I was reading through I’m not surprised.

    So. You created MWOTR’s version of Modulok..

    It is quite the bold step. Lives up to the name/title/notation of Evolution.

  2. jevon says:

    All i can say is wow!!!!! I cant wait!

  3. Feroz Nazir says:


    Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing and buying all the characters in Glyos form.

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