Video review of MWOTR Evolution Goliath

umxanthax has posted a neat in depth look at our test shot, he brings up a few valid concerns with the figure and in a way helps us get the point across on why they exist and why they are so rare.

For those that don’t understand the process, when making production figures you go through a few phases and one of those is test shots. These are figures run from the mold and show you what a production from that mold would yield, it is at this point you look things over and send changes, questions or concerns back to the factory to be addressed. This process repeats until everyone is satisfied and the product is ready for mass production.

Two issues we found were that the arms came reversed in the bag, its not really noticeable unless you look at the arm pad and see the croc head is upside down. A simple switch (thanks to the glyos swapping) puts the figure the way it “should” be. Second, we requested the joints and glyos pegs in the arms be a little tighter.

They work fine for Goliath and MWOTR in general, but with the idea of building in mind, we want to make sure they hold up well with heavier pvc from say Roboforce or Spy Monkey.

People have waited almost 2 years for a production version of this figure, so we think he will be worth the wait đŸ™‚

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