2up of Takeshi Sumo….

Marty, Josh and Adam are always up to something in Kansas City. You might remember last year we toured with a big 2up of Takeshi Sumo. For those outside of toys a 2up is basically a huge prototype which is 2x the size of the original toy. You see them a lot with the 4H toys and MOTUC.


Well this week we are working on something with these 2ups that should be ready around the time of Kansas City Planet Comicon and C2E2 😉

10897097_10203637794928276_5974391224293465540_n 1489205_863319047065457_2140149926730438050_n

Much like how Leo’ original sculpt was re-purposed for the 5″ Generations Project and then re-purposed again for Series 2’s Generations minifigure, we like to utilize the fact that our sculpts can grow and shrink.

We have another re-purpose project in mind that may yield yet another brand expansion later this year 🙂

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    5 inch evolution?

    yah yah yah I know. I know. Can’t say. It’d ruin the surprise. Which is fine by me.

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