The Evolution of Goliath and comic update

While we were secretly developing Evolution Goliath, we wanted him to be as close to his original sculpt as possible. In the C2E2 2013 Urethane release, some sacrifices had to be made in order for his production.

One of those was the three dragon like points on his chin as seen in his original concept art.



They were just too delicate to survive the casting process, they would tear off because they were so thin and they were axed.


Being able to add those back in for PVC of course fits into our philosophy that if we ever released a figure in PVC that was already done in Urethane it would be slightly altered so as not to cheat the collectors that buy the prototype castings.

Going back and working on a figure allows us to emphasize certain things. For example, the scaling on Evolution Goliath is deeper then the original Urethane, and of course the articulation is all new.





Because of this process and the changes we were able to make, we felt Evolution as a brand expansion was more than fitting 🙂

So as we prepare for the Goliath arrival from China in the next week or two, we turn our attention briefly to the comic book. Volume IV is at the printers and we expect to receive them well in advance of Kansas City’s Planet ComicCon and C2E2!

I also spent quite some time this week talking with Lee about where we want to go next, it is my expectation to get the remaining two issues for this arch released before years end. Could this culminate in the debut of Series 3? Only time will tell 😉

All I will say about that tidbit is you need to look at the comics and artwork we show off to figure out who we might be releasing, if you look at PowerCon 2013 we foreshadowed almost a year in advance who we were looking at releasing with the Ulric Wolfrom 3.0 promo art.


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