MWOTR prepares for Kansas City Planet Comicon this weekend!

It has been a busy, busy time around MWOTR HQ!

The next colorway for Goliath should be arriving from the factory at the end of this month, so not much longer now :)

We have prepared a neat bunch of resin figures for this weekend KC Planet Comicon, what is left will be sold online after the Con.

There will be a series of minfigure sized Takeshi’s as well as our 2up 5″ scale Takeshi on display/for sale.

11055478_920579821308058_1940136088_n 11055998_392605520917748_1225894910_n
We also are working hard on a few neat side projects which might have a potential for future production. This widowmaker figure has an alternate screaming spider face. Potential vinyl? Maybe a new minifigure? Only time will tell

10919503_1568160080088049_1683606481_n 11018371_816847441685440_1234617492_n

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