C2E2 Exclusives available online

We had a blast over 2 days at C2E2, there are not many pictures because we were so busy with customers to take our usual amount.

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I did take some wacky photos when I was just messing around with stuff

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And here is one of me and JB Roe , the cover artist for Volume 4 and our Sheldon Sabre sticker

11195794_547662562038645_1142965149_n wooooo

What stock is remaining is now online in the store in the way of 2 bundles to reflect how it was sold at the Con (Where you could buy an extra Goliath when you bought a bundle)

Bundle 1 is Series 2 & a Goliath figure $15
Bundle 2 is Series 2 & 2x Goliath figures $21

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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    I’m scared. A spider with 2 guns. We’re doomed.

    But seriously, I’m glad things went well.

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