Title Belt Prototype

We have shown here and there the work we were doing on an in scale title belt for our figures for the past two years.

Well after trying out various things we finally got a belt we think will work out nicely.


We went back and forth with just how much detail to add, ultimately we found adding plates on each side would A)not be seen once on the figure and B)too small to have any real detail worth noting

There may be some adjustments made before we decide how to go about releasing it but just like the Steel Cage attachment, we can cross another milestone off our list of things to make.

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2 Responses to Title Belt Prototype

  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    maybe I’ve seen this to much in the MOTU line but pack in with a solo figure. Be it a convention or non convention figure.

  2. Nick Taub says:

    Ill take five!

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