Designercon Prep

The lack of updates is solely due to the extreme schedule we are working right now in terms of getting ready for Designercon which is just 6-7 weeks away!

Here are some looks into what we are working on

For the past 2 years we have been touring with Ulric Wolfrom’s AWF Heavyweight Title, but its time Widowmakers belt is used, as you can see the stunning new red strap and jewels will make its debut at Designercon!!


And of course there are these….

12071126_1718776581677707_1312805466_n 12144042_1716419775252707_505613266_n

We will also be debuting an Army Green Molie (in Urethane) in the coming weeks and reveal our Designercon exclusives which will celebrate our 3rd Birthday in style!

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One Response to Designercon Prep

  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    No worries on the lack of updates.

    You have said before that there is always something going on.

    so when things go silent I just assume you are busy as killer bee.

    get it? see what I did there. the killer bees. a wrestling tag team in the wwe and an appropriate reference on a site that makes animal wrestler figures.

    There you go. another tag team for you. feel free to use it. you’re welcome.

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