New Goliath & Molie Friday 10.30.15 @ Noon CST

12038254_1011314818932545_3633672295615337319_nFriday 10/30/15 at Noon CST

We had a little something made extra while we were prepping for DesignerCon. This $6.00 Goliath is made in the same Blood Red that Kabuto Mushi and Onell Design have run in recent months

Axis-Armored-Buildman-Gendrone-Liberation-WEB blood

The newest $10 Molie is cast in an Army Green Urethane, less than 15 units exist and we thought it would be a fun color to use on him given his size he can mix in with other army colored figurines and interview them.

Both will be available at the store

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    I like both of those colors.

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