GiTD Ring Ropes & Scale

Some people have been disappointed this line would not reflect the more popular 5.5″ scale of other lines like my friend Mike’s Realm of the Underworld or Ben’s upcoming Lucha Shark.

It was decided that the collectible nature of 1 1/2-2″ figures was more logical with the amount of characters and pay per view events I have planned. This does not rule out a 5.5″ scale figure or any scale, eventually this idea will span into short animations and other neat ideas.

The following pics should illustrate its appeal to fans of other lines, each ring will come with 3 sets of colored ropes and have a custom ring mat to reflect the PPV event release.

If the wrestling ring looks familiar it can be found in quite a few other “discount” lines, they were however bought in wholesale directly from the¬†manufacturer using my retail license to customize for playability in this line.

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  1. SOK says:

    these will be great additions to my already amassing collection.

    these characters looks very promising.

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