We introduce Yvonne Wolfrom

Since we began this we have been repeatedly asked if there would be females in our story, the answer has been unclear until now.

Meet Yvonne Wolfrom, older sister to AWF Heavyweight Champion Ulric Wolfrom and manager of Current AWF Tag Team Champions Lapin Loco.

Following in the grand tradition of female managers such as Miss Elizabeth, Woman, Sensational Sherri, and Sunny (just to name a few) Yvonne uses her brilliant mind and stunning beauty to push Caesar and Cortez to the next level.



We will have her bio card up soon, just because we were done with wrestlers did not mean we were done with characters this year 😉

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3 Responses to We introduce Yvonne Wolfrom

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Great combo!

    Lapin Loco has now upgraded to one step beyond cool!

  2. Mr. Shokoti says:

    I’m not sure why, but a pair of masked rabbits as a tag team had me beyond excited. Throw in a lady lupine and this is my most anticipated release from the line. I can’t wait!

    • Mark says:

      When we first revealed the rabbits last fall people were not that excited, I think as we reveal more about them and people see the comic they will be in that will change.

      The rabbits were conceptualized by my wife and they stand for every person who was ever told they were not big enough, strong enough, or worthy enough to do something. They are the perpetual underdogs given their size and the true meaning of “don’t just a book by its cover”. If you are into wrestling you get how dangerous they can be 🙂

      The addition of Yvonne was always in the cards, and wait till you see the 2014 figures!

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