Artist Profile: Lee Burbridge

From time to time we will feature one of our team to let you get to know them as we know them.

Lee Burbridge is the owner of BigManToys, a indie toy company out of the UK. Most notable (to me anyway) is his line of Treegarr figures and the miniature Treegarr Saplings. However, that is hardly his only creation. He also spends time working with other talented individuals, for instance he makes up 1/3 of the indie toy group The Disarticulators.


His talent extends far past sculpting, he is also a great artist. He is our resident Comic artist and will be providing much more work over the coming year(s). Every comic panel you will see is a loving tribute to the B&W Kinnikuman series.

panelcomic panel

But even with all that artistic talent, its Lee’s wrestling experience and mind that we cherish most here.

We love professional wrestling, and part of that love is making sure that the moves we talk about and the stories we craft are a true love letter to the sport.

Lee has put time in Japan with the 666 Organization , and has wrestled independently in Europe.

Some might wonder how that would come in useful for wrestling toys, but having him on the team allows me to bounce ideas off of him for poses, sculpts, and designs.

For example, in the C2E2 Comic Goliath is just a massive figure and people just have no clue how Ulric could even challenge him. With Lee on board we were able to illustrate a panel that clearly shows how to take down a Giant using technical skills to overcome size. It’s little gems like that which excite us and I think make our product stronger.

We look forward to the work Lee has coming and for our future collaboration that we will announce soon.

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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    So Lee is lending a technical expertise. Wrestling wise.

    Want to know how a smaller person can take down a giant?

    Watch someone wrestle Great Khali or big show match. Who are real life giants.

    • Michael J. Hilliard says:

      When I say that I’m say that to everyone out there. I was just trying to give an example.

    • Mark says:

      Its not too complicated, big guys like Andre the Giant, Great Khali, Big Show, Big John Studd, and even Undertaker are all the same fundamentally. Their center of power is their upper body and they use that (Undertaker via chokeslam or Power Bomb, Andre the Giant with his chest slaps, Big Show with his chokeslam) but if you take our their legs, wear them down physically or get them unbalanced and they come crashing down like a broken tree.

      These videos show roughly what I am talking about

      HBK vs Yokozuna (start at around 5:34 mark)

      John Cena vs Great Kahli (go to the 2:15 mark)

      The Big Show gets slammed compilation

      So basically to defeat a Giant you need to utilize the fact they are slower and take away their balance. In regards to our story its a number of steps to work with Goliath because while he is massive in size he is slow as hell, his dominance comes from being able to just knock the hell out of you and decimate you with power moves. But if you take him apart at the knees (which if you look at him are one of the smallest parts on his body) what is he going to do?

      Obviously this is not a 100% across the board thing, it depends from opponent to opponent. But if you possess the technical ability and are not completely dwarfed (Ulric for example is almost the same height as Goliath even though the mass of Goliath is much bigger) you stand a legitimate chance of beating them.

  2. Feroz Nazir says:

    After seeing that video I think Lee deserves to have his own wrestling figure. Perhaps the eternal (under)dog that always comes just a few inches short of winning the biggest prices.

    Being based on a gator I didn’t expect Goliath to be a slow giant, but a wrestler that likes to play possum and suddenly come at you with an explosive attack.

    • Mark says:

      Gators are fast in terms of their ability to strike but they seldom ever chase and they rely on their massive weight and strength to just suffocate and squash their prey.

      And if you look at Goliath and the way he is designed you will see he is much more in the vein of reptile beasts like Godzilla in his structure. Killer Croc for example is designed to be more human/croc hybrid where Goliath is more Croc with human features.

      Especially look at his figure in the ring (there should be some pics), his body style brings about matches that would be more akin to Yokozuna, Andre the Giant, and One Man Gang.

    • Lee says:

      Just read this, looking through the site for reference. THanks man! Sorry it’s a year late 🙂

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