Tembo Jiwe has arrived!

Last month we teased with a concept/idea drawing of our 2014 Giant Elephant Tembo Jiwe, the brainchild of our friend in Canada Garry Hess

Well as promised here is his fully realized concept art as done by the always masterful Jazyl Homavazir

We are proud to reveal the Nemesis and life long enemy of Kayin Kungaa, there is a great deal between them which will come out over the next 12 months. With no designs to be champion, Tembo can dedicate himself to hunting Kayin down…


His figure will stand taller than any who have come before, at around 2.6″ and his size will be between Goliath and Kayin in terms of bulk.

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2 Responses to Tembo Jiwe has arrived!

  1. Michael Hilliard says:

    That is fierce looking pachyderm.

    Drawing is nice to.

  2. Feroz Nazir says:

    “The Weasel”: Tembo and Kayin lock up! No ring or cage can contain the backlash when these awesome forces of nature collide!

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