Johnny “Treegarr” Stumpz sculpt revealed

With all the excitement the past few days with reviews and the sellout of War Games, we forgot we had promised to post the sculpt of the Fantastic Plastic Toys x BigMan Toys figure yesterday.



As you can see BigMan Toys did a lot of work to make this sculpt unique to our world. He has sculpted kneepads, armpads, a headband, and wrestling tights.

Look for some really awesome art by Dork Dimensions and War Games artist Nathan Newell as well as more info about his release and accessories in the coming weeks. We are aiming to have Johnny ready for sale the first or second week in August.

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  1. Mr. Shokoti says:

    Looks really cool! I love the lime green! I bought mini-Treegar already just for this line(the pics you posted of them with your toys convinced me to do so), but it will be cool to have an “official” version for Mystical Warriors. I can’t wait.

  2. Mark says:

    We are really excited about this figure as well, and we are rolling out the red carpet with all the neat stuff that will come with it! Once he arrives from the UK I will post pictures of him in line with the other figures, but you can already sense his scale from the original Treegarr Sapling pictures I posted….he fits right in 🙂

  3. jevon says:

    Is the lime green or blue thermal color change?

    • Mark says:

      No these were made in the UK by BigMan Toys and they do not have access to the thermal color change dust like we do here in the USA. The blue is a Magnetic Blue so it gives off the appearance of being Metallic and the Lime Green is clear and bright so it takes the place of the Color Change for this figure.

  4. jevon says:

    Ahh one more question do you know a price point for him yet?

    • Mark says:

      He will be $25 just like Leo was, he will come with a 2″ scaled trash can accessory, a special golden ticket, a comic one page and maybe a few art cards if we can get them done before August.

  5. Bart says:

    Sweet! Love the Lime Green color!

    • Mark says:

      Yeah that one came out great, of course like all translucent things he looks much better in person. So you can imagine how awesome he looks

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