Story Update: Title Vacant

With all the Leo’s now having been shipped we will share the story card for War Games


Following this match, AWF Commissioner Leonidas Hart & General Manager Francis Foul have stripped Ulric Wolfrom of the AWF Heavyweight Championship.

The reason they gave was that “Ulric Wolfrom clearly cannot compete given his level of injury, and because of this Mr. Wolfrom will not be able to comply with the 30 day title defense clause required by all Title Holders. The AWF wishes Ulric a speedy recovery, and as soon as he is fit he will be granted a championship match should he desire one.”


The title has now been vacated, and a match will be signed between the #1 and #2 Contenders for later this year.

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3 Responses to Story Update: Title Vacant

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Heavily fined, but still the #1 contender? Foul Play!

    Does this mean that all future figures of Ulric will have one finger less?

    I can understand Leo dropping the match, but hitting the ref with a chair?
    That doesn’t sound very honorable, unless the ref was (heel) Danny Davis.
    Perhaps Leo has a temper that could cost him a lot more in the future…

    Wait and see…

    • Mark says:

      Sheldon is a former World Champion with a lot of money, he is also good friends with Francis Foul. Needless to say it has its benefits.

      Yes all future figures of Ulric will have only 4 fingers on the one hand, unless we opt to do a figure from the Legends line when he was part of a tag tea…..oh that is getting ahead of myself 😉

      Leo hit the referee because that was the easiest way to cause himself to get disqualifed, his only other option would have just been to walk out and lose by countout so he choose the more impactful statement. Would it have been more honrable to hit Ulric who was in severe pain?

      The consequence is he is not Champion, he could have easily taken down Ulric and won the belt but given his struggles for respect taking the easy way was never going to fly. But overall yes Leo also has a temper (he is a Lion lol), it makes him rush into things as you can see during his match with Sheldon in his bio. He is still young and still learning.

  2. Feroz Nazir says:

    Friends can easily become enemies in a wrestling world.
    I’m wondering what the first face/heel turn will be in the AWF.

    Yeah, but now the (innocent) ref is in severe pain… 😉
    I think walking out would be the most honorable and easiest option in this scenario.
    I’m not saying the chair shot is a bad thing as it does have more dramatic and has more impact.

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