Poll: 2014 Characters

We are busy working on 2014’s lineup, Lapin Loco has already been sculpted (which you probably guessed having seen Yvonne Wolfrom’s in ring and manager sculpt) but we wanted to see how the others rank. So we setup a poll, from the stats enough people come to the website by now to have formed an opinion. It should go live sometime today or tomorrow.

We are adding Francis Foul as an option, even though you have not seen him he is going to be playing a major role in the upcoming storylines so we figured why not put him in there

If you are new to the Mystical Warriors of the Ring Universe you can find reference art for all these guys on the Artwork tab

The options will be

Fortune Seekers, Talos, Bloodlust, Tembo Jiwe, Cero, Winged Fury, and Francis Foul


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  1. Michael Hilliard says:

    I’m going to pick the big guy. the elephant. Tembo Jiwe.

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