Reissue of Leo Corazon coming 7/26

OK, after talking it over with fans and our MWOTR team I have decided just this once to do a reissue of the Leo Corazon Thermal Color Change release.

At this time we cannot do a reissue of the C2E2 Windy City Wreckage set because the molds are shot (meaning we made the max amount you can make before QC heads downhill and you have to make a new mold). However, we are exploring new ways to get both those characters into fans hands as we move forward.

The way the reissue will work is on Friday around Noon CST (1pm EST), I will open up the item at the store and let it run until its sold out again. Leo is made in a gang mold so he has to be run 3 units at a time, and there is only so many times we can run him before that mold is shot as well.

Nothing will designate this as a re-release on the figure or packaging, and this will not be common practice. But since we have grown in such leaps and bounds since our launch a few months ago we want to try to make sure everyone who wanted one can get it, and hopefully adjust on the production run of future figures to avoid this issue.

If any previous buyers of Leo Corazon (Meaning you bought him during the original sale) wanted or want to buy the Thermal Color Change please email me at to receive a small discount (to compensate for having to place another order) and I will handle your order personally.

Now with that out of the way keep the voting up, looks like Elephants and Horses are starting to pull away from the pack, I honestly would have thought Cero would be higher

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  1. Michael Hilliard says:

    There. Gave Tembo a few votes.

    Needed him back in first. Didn’t like seeing him in third.

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