Treegarr Artwork by Nathan Newell

You may have seen his art on a lot of indie toys over the years. After helping us with War Games art, Nathan came back and did an awesome rendition of Johnny “Treegarr” Stumpz for our upcoming release!

Pictured here in his gold form (He can change color), you can see he has morphed his hand into a weapon.


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2 Responses to Treegarr Artwork by Nathan Newell

  1. Mr. Shokoti says:

    I’ve always thought he looked cool but I like his MWOTR look. Is this universe like Usagi Yojimbo where it’s pretty much all animals except for that rare exception(for that series a human would show up very rarely)?

    • Mark says:

      There exist no “humans” in this world, its only anthropomorphic animals/creatures. The reason Treegarr shows up will be explained in his oversized story card. The way I look at it the Universe they live in is an alternate reality of what we know as Earth, similar to the Earth 2 and other Earths in things like DC Comics.

      So yeah Usagi Yojimbo would be a good example

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