Leo Corazon Reissue On Sale Now

The reissue of Leo Corazon Thermal Color Change is now available for preorder. These will ship in Late August.



It will stay up all day and possibly through the weekend or until it runs out, whichever comes first!

Hopefully everyone who wants one can get one this time!

We are also nearing the end of the week and basically we know what 3 figures/groups are more popular. We will keep the poll running but with it being as close as it is I am not sure if there will be a definitive winner

Which 2014 Character do you want to see sculpted?

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2 Responses to Leo Corazon Reissue On Sale Now

  1. Mr. Shokoti says:

    Dang! The only one who did worse than my pick hasn’t even been revealed yet.

    • Mark says:

      I suspect Francis has the lowest votes because nobody knows what he looks like or how he impacts the story lol

      I am surprised at Cero and Talos placement though, I can promise you that they will look great but I will have to make them even more awesome when we do finally get around to them.

      So unless anything changes its a tight battle between former champions Winged Fury, Horse Bounty Hunters the Fortune Seekers, and the Gigantic Elephant Tembo

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