Video review of MWOTR Evolution Goliath

umxanthax has posted a neat in depth look at our test shot, he brings up a few valid concerns with the figure and in a way helps us get the point across on why they exist and why they are so rare.

For those that don’t understand the process, when making production figures you go through a few phases and one of those is test shots. These are figures run from the mold and show you what a production from that mold would yield, it is at this point you look things over and sendย changes, questions or concerns back to the factory to be addressed. This process repeats until everyone is satisfied and the product is ready for mass production.

Two issues we found were that the arms came reversed in the bag, its not really noticeable unless you look at the arm pad and see the croc head is upside down. A simple switch (thanks to the glyos swapping) puts the figure the way it “should” be. Second, we requested the joints and glyos pegs in the arms be a little tighter.

They work fine for Goliath and MWOTR in general, but with the idea of building in mind, we want to make sure they hold up well with heavier pvc from say Roboforce or Spy Monkey.

People have waited almost 2 years for a production version of this figure, so we think he will be worth the wait ๐Ÿ™‚

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MWOTR makes it on Toy Break

Toy Break has done their Designercon recap and Evolution Goliath shows up around the 55min mark ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for George and Ayleen for including our newest figure on their coverage

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Full steam ahead

Now that convention season is over for us, we look forward to bringing you the 1st official production release of Evolution Goliath.

Then in the months that follow we will be bringing you the 1st production release of Series 2.

But you should know us by now, we have quite a few projects in the pipeline and new stuff always going on ๐Ÿ™‚

2015 release schedule is dependent on a lot of things, how Goliath is received will help us determine where we go from this point with Giants such as Takeshi and Tembo.

We are hard at work on Series 3 and Series 4, and plan on touring the country again next year.ย  Who will show up in those series is always fluctuating, but I have some ideas and if you read Issue IV you might see some characters you will want ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the comic front there are 2 more issues we are working through to complete the next storyline we start in Volume IV, and then there will be a Champions of the AWF issue which will be similar to the old Handbook of the Marvel Universe

We also have finally added a Facebook page for Mystical Warriors of the Ring , we know lots of people come to this blog for news but we never realized how many use other social media to track the line.

So if you have Facebook you can find us at

If you do not use Facebook, no worries, nothing will get posted there that is not also posted here.

We should be revealing a release date soon for Evolution Goliath, we hope it will be before Christmas but we want to make sure that figure is 100% ready to go in terms of product color and quality control.



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Evolution Goliath has sold out

Thanks to everyone who supported these Evolution Test Shots, as long as the Evolution figures sell well we will keep making them.


We can’t wait to see how he looks in his next color that we have chosen for his first full production release!

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Remaining test shots now on sale

I have added the handful of Goliath Test Shots to the store as well as a small number of Series 2 Version 1.0 Test Shots


Ulric 3.0

Yvonne in Lapin Loco Ring Battle Gear

Generations Lion

These are the 1st test shots from the mold, the factory needs to do a bit more work on the steel mold before they are ready for full release so these will be rarities for sure.


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Remaining D-Con items will be available tonight

We are back from Pasadena, we have a bunch of pics to post and we also have some updates to make to the store

We took roughly 40 Goliath test shots to Designercon and have come back with just a handful, so the remaining stock of those will be available to anyone who might have missed out for $30 each. The actual production run next month will be a completely different color.

We also have Series 2 Test Shot Packs which we did not really have time to promote or even talk about, we will do that tonight and they will also be available for $30 a set. These will be ultra rare because 1)Less than 30 overall sets exist and 2)There were a number of changes we requested after seeing them so the final versions of each will be different

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Cover Art for Volume IV

You may remember at C2E2 we introduced you to Mort Crimp Jr when he did this awesome depiction of Mr. Perfect



Well we were so thrilled with that we wanted to see his take on our characters and so here is the base image for Volume IV



So hopefully upon the release of production Goliath in a few weeks you can pickup Volume IV!

Also people have been asking us if there was a way to purchase test shots if they did not attend the Con. They were highly limited but any that remain will go up on the store sometime Tuesday.

Series 2 will be going through another revision or two so these test shots will be the rarest because the next test shots we get will be revised and have changes implemented , so its an amazing thing to have in your MWOTR collection if you really are into the design process.


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MWOTR Series 2 makes it debut!

With Designercon this weekend we can no longer keep secret who is in Series 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

The lineup will be without a Giant this time, that is due solely to the addition of the Evolution line to our brand and the overall cost to add both to production at the same time.

So without further ado the lineup for Series 2 is

  • Ulric Wolfrom 3.0 (his post Issue 1 look)
  • Generations Lion/Leo (which Lion it would be changes on colorway used)
  • Yvonne Wolfrom Lapin Loco wrestling gear

There has also been a bit of confusion as to Evolution Goliath size with some fans, he is exactly the same size as he was before. He is just such a unique character that when he is broken into pieces they scale to larger figures like Armorvor and Kabuto Mushi.

If Evolution is accepted by the fans and does well financially then all future Giants will be done the same way (Takeshi Sumo, Tembo Jiwe, etc)

Tomorrow we will show off the Cover of MWOTR Volume 4!

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MWOTR Evolution Debuts and we join a family…

As many people know we have worked with Onell Design and the Glyos Factory extensively to launch the PVC Series 1.

Our collaborations have always been rooted in much more then that, we have known Marty for over a decade and by extension have gotten to know Matt Doughty as well. We were part of the glyos family in terms of where we got our figures made but now we are truly part of the Glyos family in terms of what our product is!

So it was only natural that as we move forward we wanted to do something really groundbreaking. It must be said this figure would not have been possible without the assistance of a silent investor, they ask to remain unnamed but the entire Glyos universe and the MWOTR nation owes them a huge debt of gratitude.

The idea of making Goliath for the masses is probably the biggest request we get, but in order to do so and not go out of business as a PVC he would have had to be creative. It must also be said that we are not leaving the minifigure market, Goliath is an extension to what we already make and a compliment to our Series 2 which is on its way.

That is where the genius of Matt Doughty comes into the picture. I knew just from working with Kabuto Mushi with Marty that Goliath even though a “mini” was large enough for certain parts to scale with the figures in the Glyos universe. Matt took that a step further and along with Paul and his team in China tooled Goliath to be both a action figure mini and a fully compatible Glyos figure.

This Goliath is based on the original prototype so it has things like his Dragon-esque points on his chin like in his original concept art.

As you can see in the pictures if you just want Goliath for his parts you can use those in your building or if you could care less and just want him for your MWOTR collection he comes now in the form a deluxe mini. It truly is the best of both worlds and we feel something that has rarely been explored in any real depth outside an earlier Glyos figure like the Crayboth.

As a special debut to D-Con in addition to Series 2 test shots we will have a LIMITED edition of Goliath Evolution figures in the same brown used for Rig Crew and Kabuto Mushi Beetorians to show off the building aspect for those interested in Glyos. This color will never be run in MWOTR and was only done this one time.


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Evolution will change the rules this weekend

This weekend the rules of the ring change completely for us, we can honestly say that we cannot contain the excitement to tell you guys what we are showing.

Series 2 is well on track and if the stars align you will see it fully revealed at D-Con, but Evolution will be the centerpiece.

Over the next few days we should be revealing the surprise that is Evolution

It took four companies to make this happen


Its real , its coming, and its going to expand our brand ๐Ÿ™‚


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