MWOTR Evolution

Many of you who have been with us since Fall 2012 have seen us grow from a concept and idea, to a full fledged brand with toys manufactured in China and a line of indie comic books.

In the past 24 hours we have spoken with our contacts at the Factory and our partners, everything seems to be on track for a surprise reveal at D-Con next weekend!

We cannot tell you right now what it is, but we brought you Generations, and soon you will see Evolution…




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Des Moines I-Con Recap

This weekend was really fun for me and my wife, we want to thank all who came out!! We introduced kids all day to our world of the Mystical Warriors.

We met a few fans who post to this blog and we hope they enjoyed their time with us.

Top things we learned today

1. Kayin Kungaa is by far the favorite for ages 3-6

2. People did not believe the belt was the real thing…oh yes it is very real

We also were approached by executives with the Iowa Wild Hockey Team about bringing MWOTR in during their superhero/comic events!

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I-Con this weekend!

We received word that our final printings of Volume IV will not be ready in time for I-Con but we will have a full printed proof copy for people to read

Things open up this Saturday at 9am and last until 5pm.

Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center

730 3rd St, Des Moines, Iowa 50309
We will have the reprint of the Anthology for sale along with our normal assortment of figures. And we will also have our giant Takeshi with us.
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Eon Quest

We are HARD at work preparing for Des Moines I-Con next weekend, and D-Con the first weekend of November so the updates we have are basically tied to both those conventions, and we don’t want to spoil the surprises that are coming!

With that said we wanted to let you guys know about a new Kickstarter by our friend Jon Huff, now you may be thinking why is this on the MWOTR website?

From time to time I like to point out things I find pretty awesome (Hardcore Luchador Kickstarter) or give you some insight into me as a person (like in my Warrior tribute).

This however does have ties to MWOTR, all the figures were sculpted by our insanely talented sculptor Simon Grell. So its always nice to promote things when someone from the team is involved in something really cool!

As with most things I do with my brand, there is always the opening for a crossover event (like when Treegarr entered our universe) with things and other brands I find that fit in certain ways.

So without further ado I present to you the Eon Quest Kickstarter, good luck to Jon!!



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Unseen animation

We have not talked about animation for quite some time, mainly because we have been too busy with other facets of the brand to be honest.

There is always development going on in different areas, but honestly the toys and comics are just cheaper and easier to produce so that is where our primary focus has been much of the year.

When we showed off our little animation last year at the launch of the line, we used a method that animated the character models (the ones used to make the digital prints). Some people did not like this method instead wanting a more traditional animated method.

What was unknown to most people is that kind of animation does/did exist, it is currently unfinished and far from anything we would show.  The entire concept of MWOTR was originally designed to be an animated series, long before toy prototypes and comics, we had registered an animation bible and storylines with the Writers Guild.

We will show you a frame from that hand drawn animation, its obvious there is some work that needed to be done to it when this frame was taken but you can see where it is heading. But its a neat thing to look at and further proof that we are always up to something.



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MWOTR evolves this fall!

Sorry for the lack of constant updates, we have so much going on that I really want to tell you guys! But patience will be rewarded soon enough.

As we expand and grow as a brand there is some evolution, I can’t quite tell you right now what that entails as it would really ruin the surprises that are coming! We are turning 2 years old this November.

But I can tell you over the next 6-7 months you will see us move into color comics, at least temporarily. Lee is really excited to give you guys a full color issue that gives some of the backstory of the Champions of the AWF. And then there is the plans for Volume V and VI which will introduce you to another federation…

And as for toys, well the MWOTR team is ecstatic for what we have in the pipeline…again no spoilers but I don’t think anyone is ready for what we have been working on 😉

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1 Windy City Wreckage Set with Goliath available!

One of our fans Bryan Borgman is downsizing his collection and is offering up a our original C2E2 2013 debut release with Ulric 2.0 and Goliath in Urethane along with ticket, ring comic and collectible case

You can reach him at to see if the set is still available

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How do bios tie into comics?

Before we started making our comic series we had our bios, sometimes they set up events in the comics and other times they talk about the aftermath of an event.

In Volume IV you will notice certain events in the bio come alive throughout the issue, and we will see Yvonne in the comic series of the 1st time. If you read her bio again you might figure out what she is up to in this issue.

Here is a sneak peak into some of her appearance in Issue IV 😉


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MWOTR Volume IV edited and almost ready to print

I have made all the edits I need to and sent them back to Lee, once he sends me the final copy it will head to the printer to hopefully make it in time for I-Con!


If for some reason we can’t have it for sale at I-Con we will bring the print proof so fans can read it early if they want

To tide you guys over here is a page


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KC Planet Comicon

As we move towards the end of 2014 we are starting prep for 2015, we were informed earlier today of the dates for Kansas City Planet Comicon 2015


We will be doing a fair amount of traveling with Kansas City in March, C2e2 in April, and Wizard World Des Moines in June

And remember we are about 5 weeks away from Des Moines I-Con at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center (formerly known as Veterans Memorial Auditorium)


This will be your first chance to read Mystical Warriors of the Ring Volume IV and possibly some other tidbits about the future of MWOTR as we celebrate our 2nd year and head towards our third!

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