Yvonne Wolfrom Mail Away figures now shipping!

It has been a longer road to this point then I could have ever imagined. Sometimes balancing all that we have going on causes things to slip in release date.

There was an error with the art card by Becca and her father Nate, and we did not feel it was proper to release that as it was so we had it redone in a really nice paper stock to give it the centerpiece it deserves.

We also felt the same old cardback and bubble was not in any way reminiscent of a mail away, especially since unlike the other figures Yvonne was not tied to a pay per view event which is how the backing cards are usually themed (Treegarr being an exception).

So we went with a more art toy-esque packaging, I think it adds a uniqueness to the releases the same way the big bubbled boxed set that we launched the line with did.


These should all be mailed by Monday morning, if anyone wants to still redeem their tickets they can mail in the form at any time or email us directly to redeem. If you have not received a shipping notice by Tuesday please email us and let us know and we will make sure you are taken care of

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MWOTR Anthology 2nd printing now available!

Fresh from the printer and on sale now in the store!


We should have Volume IV ready soon, hopefully to release at I-CON & DesignerCon

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Labor Day @ Jay’s CD & Hobby

We spent Labor Day at Jay’s CD and Hobby from 10a-3pm , meeting with fans and promoting our toyline as well as Marty’s Kabuto Mushi and Adam Smith’s Walking Dud

Here are some quick images, I have some more on my phone that will be added later tonight

We plan on making this a once or twice a month thing, our next store visit will be at their Valley West Mall store location on a Saturday (date and time TBD)




Also Takeshi Sumo is now officially 100% sold out, Josh will start working on some more to have at D-Con in November

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Successful launch of the new store!

Just wanted to thank you guys for a successful start to the new store

We released a handful of Takeshi Sumo prototypes and the Pink sold out in seconds, literally in under 1min. The silver lasted a bit longer but it has sold out, as of this post there is just 1 single Purple unit remaining!

I will talk to Josh this week and let him know we need to make some more.

And since nobody has one yet in their hands his size is just amazing. Most important to note he is NOT out of scale, he is just a really large boy the same way Yokozuna was large in comparison.

He is in scale and if you have Tembo Jiwe from C2E2 you will see Tembo is taller, the beauty of our figures being in scale with other is that it provides a unique feel to each and every one.


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New store opens around 8pm CST tonight!

Our new store will launch here tonight around 8pm CST (give or take a few minutes), just click on the shop button around that time and it will take you to the new site where MWOTR will be sold from this point forward

We will celebrate with the surprise add of a few prototype urethane legends, first come first served and if we sellout we will see about making some more in time for DesignerCon in November


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New store launches tomorrow night with a surprise

What good would moving the store do if there was not something new to buy, no it will not be new PVC as we are still feverishly working on our next mass product releases

It will instead be a urethane prototype surprise, less then 10 units of this figure were run by Josh based on the master figure we sent to China. We figured it would be a fun thing to mark the launch of the new store instead of just having a new place that has the same product you were already able to get from the TrueCast Studio store.

Also keep in mind there is never a guarantee any of our figures will get a PVC release (see Sheldon Sabre, Tembo Jiwe, Goliath, Leo Corazon as current examples of unreleased PVC) and if it does it will in some way be different (Sheldon’s tail moves, Kayin has a different scar in Series 1).

So if you want to see who it is then tomorrow night when the new store launches you will be able to get them.

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Toy Break reviews the MWOTR Playmat

Thanks to George and Ayleen from Toybreak for giving a look to our Playmat (Around for 44:45 min mark)

We have sold through about 50% of our 2nd production of these mats, you can get them this week at the TrueCast store and next week at the new store.


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Another comic teaser

Lee has illustrated about half the issue so here is another sneak peak to tide you guys over.


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MWOTR Volume 4 teaser page

I think we have said it before but since Volume 3 put a close to the immediate saga of Widowmaker vs Sheldon Sabre and left Widowmaker as the AWF Champion, we wanted to switch focus onto the Tag Teams.

So Volume 4 will show the events of Winged Fury’s rise to power and their fall at the hands of Lapin Loco and then setup another 2-3 issue arc involving stories hinted at in the bios.

Tag teams never get enough love, even in our world its more difficult to manage them because their stories involve twice as many people (or more with managers and valets).  But out of all of our characters I think the Tag Teams are the most creative.

Lee is having a fun time on this, tag team action is generally wilder and more fast paced. He sent over this page yesterday to give you guys a tease


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New storefront coming September 2014

As many of you who have been with us from the start know MWOTR has been sold at a few places online. The prototypes were sold at my Fantastic Plastic Toy store while the PVC has been sold at the True Cast Studio store.

With the added skus of things like the playmat, future comics, future series of PVC and “other” items we have not revealed yet we thought it was best to give MWOTR its own dedicated store.

Nothing will really change as far as how you get our stuff, all you will need to do is click the SHOP button and it will take you to whatever storefront we have.

But we figured it was best to give people a heads up since the change will be instant when it goes live.

We hope this change helps MWOTR fans pickup everything they want fast and with ease as it will require no account setup and be designed to get in and out with product.

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