Goliath officially releases this month!

We just got the first samples from China this morning which usually predates the full production run by a week or two. Goliath will debut in a beautiful metallic emerald green color that matches the recent Kamen Rider inspired Kabuto Mushi from December.


We hope to have a firm release date set shortly, but we can literally feel the excitement on the net and in MWOTR HQ for his arrival!

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Merry Christmas and Onion Fights in Japan!

The entire team would like to extend a Merry Christmas to the MWOTR nation!! We really wish we could have had Goliath available to be under trees this year but the timing just did not work out, maybe next year we will have a few more things for Christmas and who knows one of them might even be vinyl 😉

And its been a while since I did a “things I like” post, so I will talk about something I have become infatuated with. Onion Fights is the name of a indie line released in Japan in highly limited edition numbers.

Their site is http://www.onion-fights.com/ (warning it is all in japanese), they can also be found on twitter and Instagram


We reached out to them in the fall and sent them a MWOTR care package, I was honored to see this picture posted on their twitter feed

And they did a neat acknowledgement of our line


Its always interesting to see another similar line across the world that is unique enough to show that the genre can co-exist with multiple types and bring a large amount of variety for fans of wrestling minis

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MWOTR Series 2 Prototyping

With Goliath well on his way to full production and a mid January 2015 debut at $6, people have asked us what is the news of Series 2’s release.

Series 2 is close to ready, we are the point where we really want the details to pop to the eye so the Chinese mold master figures have been sent to the True Cast Studio in Kansas City for THEGODBEAST himself to work on by hand and make them as detailed as possible.

Here are pics fresh from the studio this week, once they are finished they will be sent back to China and the mold modified so we will get another back of test shots (version 3) and go from there. Each step brings us that much closer to approval and mass production.

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Test Shot sets available

Due to the overwhelming demand for these we decided to not list them on the store, it will be first come first served via email since we have less than 5 sets overall available


The set of 4 figures will be $60.00 which includes shipping in the USA.

Each set contains

  • Goliath Revision 2.o (tighter arms)
  • Leo/Generations Lion 2.0 (refined mouth, tighter sculpt)
  • Ulric Revision 2.0 (tighter sculpting on the face)
  • Yvonne 2.0 (tighter body sculpting/outfit)

Now the thing to keep in mind is this is not traditional white PVC despite its appearance, this is basic factory test shot material. These are only meant to look at details and form fit/factor.

Goliath is the most fragile, this test shot is delicate and PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUILD WITH HIM. Unlike the Designercon test shots that were run in the standard hard production pvc this material is softer and will break if you attempt to build with him on certain pieces.

These types of test shots were never designed to be sold mass market , they are solely for the internal team to approve changes and rarely ever see the light of day. But we are offering the MWOTR nation a chance to own a few of them so its best you guys know up front what they are.

If you are interested send a email to fantasticplastictoys@gmail.com

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MWOTR Evolution Goliath ready for production!

This morning we approved Evolution Goliath for full production and reconfirmed our launch order of him in the Emerald Green that THEGODBEAST just ran in his Kamen Rider homage of Kabuto Mushi.

ETA on when these $6 Goliath figures will be provided when we get a more concrete date from the factory in China. We will be posting later today or tomorrow the details of how you can get your hands on the remaining handful of super limited V2 White Test Shots.

We will be posting details on how to go about buying the remaining handful of V2 Goliath Test Shots, there are literally under 5 that will be available (these were not like DesignerCon where we had 30-40 run)


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Kabuto Mushi sale tonight : what it means for Evolution

Tonight is Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen’s Christmas Sale of Kabuto Mushi

Three new character specific homages will go up for sale, one of those being his homage to Kamen Rider

This figure is very important as it will be the same exact colorway that Evolution Goliath debuts in next month!! This color is closest to our original 2013 C2E2 Urethane launch figure, and we feel a great way to debut Goliath into the world since he will build with Kabuto Mushi right out of the package.


Probably late Monday or Tuesday we will show off some new pictures of the V2 Test Shot and any information about how to go about obtaining the HIGHLY limited quantity that will be available (there are less than 10 available for customers)

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Revised Test Shots are here!


Earlier today our 2nd warehouse in Urbandale received a test shot package from the factory in China.  These test shots were run to work on the tightness in Goliath’s arms and to work on tighter details for Series 2.

We will be checking these test shots over the weekend and reporting back to the factory next week.

These test shots are a white/grey color, it is not any main Glyos color but instead the basic plastic commonly used for test shots. Because of that these are much more fragile then say the production quality brown we had Goliath run in for DesignerCon.

Many people have contacted us about buying these test shots, unlike Designercon we did not run these in any large number and instead have literally a handful available. We will most likely add them to the Ringside store early next week as a first come first served nature, but we will discuss that with the MWOTR team this weekend.

We are now that much closer to the full factory production of both Evolution Goliath and Series 2 🙂

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Clutter Gallery’s InAction Exhibition 2015

We were invited earlier for MWOTR to participate in the Clutter Gallery InAction Exhibition in NYC Feb 2015

We have an idea of what we want to bring as an exclusive and so soon we will meet with the MWOTR team to hash out what will be a limited edition release of 5-10 units of something 😉

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Toy Break with Matt Doughty

George and Ayleen from October Toys host the one and only Matt Doughty on a recent episode of Toy Break, now Matt’s insights are always fascinating and entertaining but the reason its showing up here is because a certain MWOTR character makes an appearance at the 1hr mark

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Website updates

First off we are nearing the final approval of Evolution Goliath, so we are looking to Mid-December to Early January as his official release date. Series 2 is still being worked on, we look for that to come in maybe late Jan/Early Feb at this point.

Second, we have traveled all over the US this year and some people see us and don’t remember where to find the website. Since we tend to use the short name MWOTR for various reasons we figured we should make it easier to find us.

So today we made sure you can find us no matter what by rolling out www.mwotr.com and www.mysticalwarriorsofthering.com , both of which will redirect you instantly to the original mystwarriors site 🙂

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