Prototyping Talos

Talos is being heavily worked on in time for Designercon, he is still quite a ways from actual PVC production. This stage of prototyping allows us to look at the details, create a mold master and see if there is any design or sculpt changes we want to make.





Our minifigure belts are at the same point in development, however we are hoping to have rubber belts available for purchase at Designercon!


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Designercon Prep

The lack of updates is solely due to the extreme schedule we are working right now in terms of getting ready for Designercon which is just 6-7 weeks away!

Here are some looks into what we are working on

For the past 2 years we have been touring with Ulric Wolfrom’s AWF Heavyweight Title, but its time Widowmakers belt is used, as you can see the stunning new red strap and jewels will make its debut at Designercon!!


And of course there are these….

12071126_1718776581677707_1312805466_n 12144042_1716419775252707_505613266_n

We will also be debuting an Army Green Molie (in Urethane) in the coming weeks and reveal our Designercon exclusives which will celebrate our 3rd Birthday in style!

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Welcome to the Glyos Connection!

We are happy to announce that this is why we have been silent on much MWOTR news lately.

For those not following the Glyos world, due to various issues the October Toys forum is set to close it doors (at least temporarily) and with it will go a large part of Glyos history.

We spent the last few weeks working intensely with Matt Doughty, Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen and Marc Beaudette to bring you a brand new Glyos specific forum!

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What have we been up to?

It has been a while since we last posted, later this week you will see exactly why that is 🙂

It does not have anything to do with MWOTR directly, but if you have been following the glyosverse in recent weeks you will understand where we have been 😉

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New shirts available

A lot of people have been asking us for shirts that featured the new art by Nathan Newell

So we added 3 new shirts this week to the Zazzle store, you can reach the Zazzle store by clicking on the banner which is featured on the right hand side (down the page a bit)




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Preparing for Designercon!

Some concerned fans got in touch with us this week since our last post was around the 19th.

Rest assured we are hard at work, we took  some time off and have been working the past two weeks finalizing our plans for this November’s Designercon.


We have made arrangements with the factory in China for a certain colorway that will celebrate our 3rd Anniversary across all of our PVC figures (Series 1,2 and Goliath) in style, a lot of people have been asking repeatedly for this color so we figured there was not grander stage and no better time then a convention designed to focus on independent art and toys!

In fact timing works out so well that we may even have a special colored Goliath available in October that we had not planned but circumstances allowed for our awesome factory to squeak him out!!

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Title Belt Prototype

We have shown here and there the work we were doing on an in scale title belt for our figures for the past two years.

Well after trying out various things we finally got a belt we think will work out nicely.


We went back and forth with just how much detail to add, ultimately we found adding plates on each side would A)not be seen once on the figure and B)too small to have any real detail worth noting

There may be some adjustments made before we decide how to go about releasing it but just like the Steel Cage attachment, we can cross another milestone off our list of things to make.

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Size and Scale in MWOTR

While working on the Talos figure, we had to decide on his size and scale. Not having debuted him yet I don’t want to spoil anything but he is roughly as tall as Goliath but scales well with Kayin and Tembo.

One of the biggest hurdles when creating a figure in our world is that they have different sizes. Some people do not like that and think we should be like most minifigure lines and make them all equal in size.

From Day 1 I have wanted to make our characters unique. In real wrestling there are all shapes and sizes.

If you remember our bios Takeshi basically ends the career of a Corazon due to the size mismatch (and more of a miscalculation on the Lions part), but Ulric is able to hold his own against Goliath in Issue 1 (until Sheldon appears).

And it got me to thinking, that HBK and the Undertaker are sized different and were able to pull off some phenomenal match-ups.

Yesterday posted an article which basically said because Brock is so big and so powerful there is not a lot of competition for him, so they came up with some dream matchups with former WWE Giants like Yokozuna and Psycho Sid.


So what excites you more? Giants fighting toe to toe or a David vs Goliath mismatch?


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Sale on 8/22/15 and Cage Version 2.0

We have some cool news, the factory in China was able to squeeze out a Glyos only colorway of Goliath before our 3rd Anniversary/Designercon production 🙂

Known in the Glyos world as Neo-Phase Green this $6.00 Goliath will go on sale on Saturday August 22nd at Noon CST. Alongside him will be a handful of Urethane/Resin Molie figures in Clear Green and a Blue/White Swirl as well as maybe 1 other colorway. These were made to test out the molds we did during the prototyping phase.


And on Thursday we received Version 2.0 of our Steel Cage Playset. We adjusted some of the sizing and of course had it printed in a nice Blue color.

IMG_8066 IMG_8067 IMG_8068 11325078_547390458742275_134862928_n

The biggest issue with the Steel Cage as it stands now is pricing and availability. There is a reason that the official mass produced WWE Cage Playset is $49.99. The mass and size of the cage walls is expensive. The cost for me to print one Steel Cage is around $75 shipped. This is for 4 walls, a door, and the 8 fitting that connect the walls together.

I researched getting it produced in other formats and its just as expensive, we looked into steel, plastic, vinyl, rubber and resin. All would still keep the cost around $60-80

So with that said I might make it available as a print on demand format where I would throw in a ring with a new sticker as well as maybe some other freebies.

The available colors are White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple and Green. White is the cheapest of all the colors.

Costs might come down in the future, but at least we have been successful in making a 2″ scale figure Steel Cage!

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If you are anywhere near Kansas City this weekend we will return to Bartle Hall for the 1st year of Kansas City Comic Con (different then earlier this year’s Planet Comicon in KC). We will be in Booth 229


We also are hard at work on a few things in our big preparation for Designercon in November!


The Steel Cage Playset is going through some small revisions and we should have the newest print of it next week,this time in Blue. Based on this we will figure out what to do with it, at the moment we are leaning to allowing  a print on demand system as that would be the cheapest way to make it available to fans while we focus our investments in more figures.

We are working on Talos, that is probably all you need to know right now but after 3 years and many, many requests we decided to give Ulric’s best friend and Goliath’s rival his shot in the ring!


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