Sale on 8/22/15 and Cage Version 2.0

We have some cool news, the factory in China was able to squeeze out a Glyos only colorway of Goliath before our 3rd Anniversary/Designercon production 🙂

Known in the Glyos world as Neo-Phase Green this $6.00 Goliath will go on sale on Saturday August 22nd at Noon CST. Alongside him will be a handful of Urethane/Resin Molie figures in Clear Green and a Blue/White Swirl as well as maybe 1 other colorway. These were made to test out the molds we did during the prototyping phase.


And on Thursday we received Version 2.0 of our Steel Cage Playset. We adjusted some of the sizing and of course had it printed in a nice Blue color.

IMG_8066 IMG_8067 IMG_8068 11325078_547390458742275_134862928_n

The biggest issue with the Steel Cage as it stands now is pricing and availability. There is a reason that the official mass produced WWE Cage Playset is $49.99. The mass and size of the cage walls is expensive. The cost for me to print one Steel Cage is around $75 shipped. This is for 4 walls, a door, and the 8 fitting that connect the walls together.

I researched getting it produced in other formats and its just as expensive, we looked into steel, plastic, vinyl, rubber and resin. All would still keep the cost around $60-80

So with that said I might make it available as a print on demand format where I would throw in a ring with a new sticker as well as maybe some other freebies.

The available colors are White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple and Green. White is the cheapest of all the colors.

Costs might come down in the future, but at least we have been successful in making a 2″ scale figure Steel Cage!

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If you are anywhere near Kansas City this weekend we will return to Bartle Hall for the 1st year of Kansas City Comic Con (different then earlier this year’s Planet Comicon in KC). We will be in Booth 229


We also are hard at work on a few things in our big preparation for Designercon in November!


The Steel Cage Playset is going through some small revisions and we should have the newest print of it next week,this time in Blue. Based on this we will figure out what to do with it, at the moment we are leaning to allowing  a print on demand system as that would be the cheapest way to make it available to fans while we focus our investments in more figures.

We are working on Talos, that is probably all you need to know right now but after 3 years and many, many requests we decided to give Ulric’s best friend and Goliath’s rival his shot in the ring!


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Cage, Belts and more!

It has been an exciting week so far, multiple projects are moving forward

We are closer to the final prototype of Molie to be sent to China for possible production


The 1st working prototype for the Steel Cage has arrived, there are some adjustments we are making and will get the 2nd prototype done in Blue. More on the cage later this week including some shots of it in action. We are not quite sure how to offer it, and it will most likely not be cheap. But at least it will exist, one step at a time I suppose 🙂


And then there is this…


I told you we were working on multiple things, and there is so much more then this going on 😉

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One step closer

Right at the moment we are juggling about 5 things including production, new sculpts and playsets



Some have been in the works for years, some will be revealed in the coming weeks.

As we near our 3rd Anniversary we are full steam ahead, could a new Evolution be on its way….

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MWOTR Playsets and Accessories

As we near our 3rd Birthday we hope to reveal something that we have been working on since the first concept art.

We currently have rings we import from China in bulk, and we have a playmat that gives a sort of arena. But I have never been satisfied to just stop there.

While I can’t reveal anything too specific just know that the closer we get to your 3rd birthday the closer this may become a reality in your collections 😉


We are also hard at work on some new playmats, but they coincide with Volumes 5 and 6 of the Comic so releasing them now would ruin the fun 🙂

Oh yeah and this happened at the Studio the other day….


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Clutter Magazine & new prototype

We found out today we are featured along with a host of other awesome creators in the recent issue of Clutter Magazine


And on that note we shared last night the work we are doing on Molie


This is the 2nd step along the way, after this we clean him up and tighten the details and fix any imperfections that might exist before he heads to China!

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July 4th Sale Details

We are preparing the Ringside store for the debut of our newest colorways. We have 3 releases this Saturday (July 4th) at Noon CST

Metallic Bronze Goliath $6.00


GiTD Goliath $7.00


GiTD Series 2 Three Packs $10


GiTD Bundle (Goliath/Series 2) $15.00  —> Saving $2.00


As with our Series 1, GiTD is higher priced because it costs more to produce.    We hope to see you guys at the sale!!

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Funko art

In the toy industry you get to meets lots of people. So when I found out my friend Reis O’Brien (lead designer at Funko) was doing some art prior to SDCC, I lept at the chance for him to conceptualize one of my guys as a Pop! Vinyl.


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More glowing reveals

Here are some more leaks from our July release

11380938_1417542748573375_1372293731_n 11377557_899863563420598_483092834_n

In other news lots of stuff is going on behind the scenes, we may possibly be adding more stops to our 2015 Convention Tour. Currently we are on a break until Midwest Comicon in November, but that may change in the coming weeks!

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Glow is coming….

July will bring 3 new PVC releases (2 Goliath and 1 Series 2)

Direct from the factory floor in China today we have this sneak peak


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