MWOTR Series 3 reveal & Goliath sold out!

While we did not have the prototype in hand, fans got to see the digital sculpt this week at Wizard World Des Moines.

Most of you have probably guessed as to who it was, but for those who did not here is Molie! Fresh from the pages of the comic book!



He presented a number of challenges since our concept art is usually done with at least a side profile option to give us a sense of depth. Molie being from the comic meant we had basically just a head on reference.

His name has also changed, in the original books he is an obvious homage to Joey Styles (as well as other classic commentators like Jim Ross, Gorilla Monsoon and Gordon Solie) but just to be on the safe side legally we felt that a slight name change would be the most appropriate.

And speaking of the comics, Lee is warming up to finish up our next issue! If schedules keep as they are we plan to release this first at Designercon in November.


And one last note, Goliath is now sold out, thanks to all those who picked him up at Wizard World!


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RIP Dusty Rhodes

Most of you know by now how diehard of a wrestling fan I am, so it is with great sadness that we lost another legend today. Dusty Rhodes passed away earlier today at the age of 69.

Anyone who ever watched him knows his charismatic nature and his ability to turn out one hell of a promo at any given moment. Watching him is like a wrestling clinic

One of the defining promos/interviews of the modern era is known amongst wrestling fans as hard times

You will be missed American Dream!

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Wizard World Des Moines this weekend!

We will be in Artist Alley C18 all weekend Friday-Sunday!!


It looks like our new prototype will be here next week and so if you want to see the figure just ask and I can show you on my phone 🙂

Also Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen will have a Con exclusive metallic bronze Kabuto Mushi


And he will be doing a panel on Saturday as well!!

Come visit with Iowan native Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen as he discusses over 20 years of working in the independent toy world. Hear stories of his travels and work with companies big and small, his work with the True Cast Studio (prototyping for Sideshow and NECA) in Kansas City, and the ins and outs that led up to official mass production of his own action figure toy line the Kabuto Mushi. Marty will answer questions and offer advice to those looking to make their own toys.

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Another sneak peak and a Series 2 Review!

This figure has now been sent to print, we hope to have it on display at Wizard World Des Moines but it all depends if it makes it in time!


If it does not arrive I will have pics on my phone so anyone can come up and ask to see it

We have 2 more figures we will be teasing over the next two months as well 🙂


Long time MWOTR support Jerry took a look at our C2E2 Series 2

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Some new figures in the works?

I have told you guys many times the wheels around here are always turning, with the next colorway of Series 2 coming at the end of June/beginning of July we are already looking ahead to Series 3

I posted a tease on Instagram this week, Simon is still refining the sculpt but there is a possibility we might have a prototype print at the upcoming Wizard World in Des Moines the 2nd weekend of June!


The only hint I will give is that he is in the comic books, but that could be several characters. I know once he is done Lee Burbridge might have an OH MY GOD moment 😉

I am also working on some tighter social media integration. With Instagram its easy to get those posts added to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr without doing anything but not so easy to migrate them to WordPress…hoping in the next few weeks to change that.

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Goliath running low and other stock updates

Its been crazy around here since C2E2, this picture represents all that is left of the Metallic Black C2E2 Goliath


There are maybe 5 copies of the Trade Paperback remaining. Series 2 three packs have sold about 2/3 of the way and are on keeping pace with Series 1 Metallic Black sales (which is a good thing).

We intend to have our next colorway of Goliath possibly around Mid July or Early August.

And as always we are working up what to do next, we have about 4 different production options we are looking at. If left up to MWOTR fans it would be all 4 but that just won’t happen 😉

We may expand the brand again and go with an entirely new size/type of figure, we might revisit Evolution with a long desired Giant, or we might add some more minifigures to flesh out your play areas with commentary , referees and of course more wrestlers 🙂

Our con tour continues into our backyard of Des Moines next month, so if you are anywhere near the heart of Iowa then stop by and say Hi!!


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MWOTR Volume 4 now sold out!

We have seen very high demand for Volume 4, tonight we sold our last copy! We have placed a 2nd printing order which should arrive in Mid-June


Lee and I both thank the entire MWOTR nation for their support and feedback on this issue. We wanted to tell this story for a long time , and are anxious to get Volume 5 out to you guys this fall!

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Post C2E2 Updates

It has been a whirlwind last two weeks, from the prep to the actual con itself things were very busy!

We have shipped 99% of orders placed from Sunday-Today, those final orders will ship tonight. We thank everyone for their patience and hope you enjoy your packages when they arrive!

11208668_924179500979411_320914501494012756_n 11146564_923538761043485_4624555718664268218_n

The response to our Series 2 has been phenomenal,  we have a small bag of Goliath bundles left and are already working out what our next colorway will be (aiming for a July release).

We have about 3 copies of Volume 4 left, the demand for this issue has been much higher then we have seen for any other issue. We will be talking to the printers in the morning.

And speaking of Volume 4, our good friend Chris did us the honor of coloring the awesome cover by JB Roe over the weekend.



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C2E2 Exclusives available online

We had a blast over 2 days at C2E2, there are not many pictures because we were so busy with customers to take our usual amount.

11192729_469471466543122_567232993_n 11192718_1605976749620659_932165995_n

I did take some wacky photos when I was just messing around with stuff

11192762_374355349434117_1421616694_n 11192790_765981813499897_351685737_n

And here is one of me and JB Roe , the cover artist for Volume 4 and our Sheldon Sabre sticker

11195794_547662562038645_1142965149_n wooooo

What stock is remaining is now online in the store in the way of 2 bundles to reflect how it was sold at the Con (Where you could buy an extra Goliath when you bought a bundle)

Bundle 1 is Series 2 & a Goliath figure $15
Bundle 2 is Series 2 & 2x Goliath figures $21

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Artist Proof C2E2 5″ Takeshi Sumo

Marty let us know late yesterday that he had finished hand painting a few artist proofs of the 5″ scale Takeshi Sumo



They will cost $120 each and are hand numbered and signed by Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen

We will offer them at C2E2 Friday and Saturday and if any remain they will go up on the store.

Also people have been asking when C2E2 items will be available if they can’t make it to the Con. We will only be there Friday and Saturday so any remaining stock will go up for sale Saturday night and ship between Monday and Tuesday of next week.

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