Sheldon Sabre Sticker done for C2E2!

JB Roe ( delivered this morning to us the final colored image of our Sheldon Sabre sticker for C2E2. This sticker will be given away to any and all, JB will have some to give away and we will be putting it with any store order after C2E2 until stock runs out.

We don’t officially celebrate 3 years till September but we figured given the importance of C2E2 to our brand and what we will be releasing there this year with Series 2 making its debut it was a good time to start the celebration early!


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Sheldon Sabre Sticker

Our characters are often reflections of our favorite characters growing up, and as many already know Sheldon Sabre is heavily influenced by the character traits of a Ric Flair, Jerry The King Lawler and Micheal PS Hayes.

So when we were chatting with Chicago artist JB Roe (who did the great Winged Fury cover for V4) we asked him if he could do a pinup of Sheldon as an homage to Ric Flair.

Here is a first look at that art, the final will be colored and will be released free as a sticker at C2E2 in a few weeks! We may even get it on a shirt or make it available as a patch


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Welcome to ACME Superstore

We are always looking to add new retail partners to expose our world to. So if you are in Florida starting late next week you will be able to find a varied selection of MWOTR at ACME Superstore, along with our partners/friends THEGODBEAST Kabuto Mushi and True Cast Studio’s Walking Duds.


Phone Number:
+1 (407) 331-0433
Address: 905 E State Road 434, Longwood, FL 32750

Many thanks to Enzo and Marty for setting all this up!!

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Volume 4 has arrived!!

I know its been a really long wait, but after a few edits and some late additions in terms of art Volume 4 is finally here.


This was intended to debut at C2E2, but we threw a handful of issues up on the store if anybody wants to get one now. Priced at just $2 for 32 pages of awesome, for the first time in print the events that led to the title reign of Lapin Loco.

Many thanks god out again to my partner in crime Lee Burbridge of Bigmantoys for another amazing issue, and to our cover artist JB Roe.

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Congrats to the Keshi Drop for 100 posts!

Mystical Warriors of the Ring/MWOTR has been in existence for almost 3 years (Sept 2012 we registered for copyright and had our first concept art)  and in that time we have had LOTS of conversations with fans/critics. Some was good and some bad. In our early days we used to get some flack for using 3D sculpting and digital printing (which is now a common thing btw), and for being a M.U.S.C.L.E. rip off. As things evolved and we found our niche and made our own path we received lots of praise as well.

The thing that has always been constant was that either good or bad I am always willing to hear it and willing to talk at length about it 🙂

When the Keshi Drop started focusing on MWOTR they loved the idea of minifigures but at first glance really disliked the idea of an action figure Goliath. The thing about blogs and posting in real time is that you go with your gut and post what you feel. A lot of people (not just Keshi Drop) were concerned we had completely changed direction, abandoned what brought us to the dance so to speak.

Over the next several days as I posted more and more information it became clear Goliath was more of a brand expansion, and with the reveal of Series 2 that we were hardly departing from our original format.

I completely understood where people were coming from with their concern. We ultimately released Goliath to a 90 minute complete sell out, and so when things calmed down here I welcomed the chance to have a discussion with Keshi Drop via an interview. It was a sort of 101 Q&A, and in part I wanted to clarify the direction of MWOTR and maybe shed some light on what we had in mind as a brand.

With all that said, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations on 100 posts to Keshi Blog. Running a blog is a hard thing. After almost 3 years my intention is do at least updates every other day but sometimes life catches up with you and you fall behind.

So congrats on 100 posts and here is to 100 more!!

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And the new Goliath release will be….

We launched Goliath in a unique color to show off the building aspect with other Glyos figures, well now we are bringing things back to the minifigure base and releasing him in April to match one of our most popular colorways Metallic Black. Metallic Black ranks #2 in total sales behind only the now sold out Flesh colorway

There is also another reason, but that will be revealed later…

photo 1

photo 2

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Meet Nootka Moto and the OPW

The MWOTR train never stops, we have a stable of characters that has never been seen or revealed and we hold them for just the right time. Issue IV is coming very soon and in the final page you will meet this individual. So we thought it was a good time to introduce Nootka Moto, the General Manager and former OPW Heavyweight Champion.


What is OPW? How does it impact the MWOTR world? Well to tell you all that would ruin what we have planned over the next TWO years. Lets just say that sides will be chosen and unlikely alliances will be made.

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MWOTR Series 2 in production now! Releasing soon

Kansas City was a lot of fun, we met a lot of new MWOTR fans and also let everyone know that Friday morning we authorized the production of Series 2. No more test shots, Ulric/Leo/Yvonne will be on their way to release next month!


I also worked with Josh at TrueCast this past weekend, if we can get things working right we have a very neat surprise in store for Widowmaker fans at C2E2!

Takeshi Sumo fans will want to check the store this weekend, we will put up some large 5″ scale resin Hippos for $60. These are super fun and a massive chunk that really shows off the detail.

And as we speak Goliath fans will want to stop by this weekend to see what our next release will look like!


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MWOTR prepares for Kansas City Planet Comicon this weekend!

It has been a busy, busy time around MWOTR HQ!

The next colorway for Goliath should be arriving from the factory at the end of this month, so not much longer now :)

We have prepared a neat bunch of resin figures for this weekend KC Planet Comicon, what is left will be sold online after the Con.

There will be a series of minfigure sized Takeshi’s as well as our 2up 5″ scale Takeshi on display/for sale.

11055478_920579821308058_1940136088_n 11055998_392605520917748_1225894910_n
We also are working hard on a few neat side projects which might have a potential for future production. This widowmaker figure has an alternate screaming spider face. Potential vinyl? Maybe a new minifigure? Only time will tell

10919503_1568160080088049_1683606481_n 11018371_816847441685440_1234617492_n

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MWOTR Volume 4 Release Date

We have heard from the printer and it looks like the week of April 6th will see Volume 4 and its 32 pages of awesome finally arrive! With a cover by Chicago artist JB Roe, this issue begins a 3 issue arc which will focus on our tag team division.

We are also still working with Comixology to make the four volumes available digitally, there are some requirements such as removing any and all ads and some page size/quality issues we are working to address.

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