Series 3 and 4??

Series 2 should launch sometime in the late Spring, it is in the final stages of production and final test shots should come around April!

With that said we are already working on the mini figure Series 3 and 4, who would you like to see?

Do you want Lapin Loco to finally make their debut? Winged Fury? Fortune Seekers? or would you like non-wrestling characters like the commentating team of Mole E Styles and Weasal? How about some comic book characters like Francis Foul or Referee “Old Yella” Barker?

We try to mix things up and keep each series interesting, in Series 2 we have given you the first female in the MWOTR line and we have utilized a neat concept of the Generation Lion instead of just giving you Leo.

So let us know, chime in and tell us who you think should be in Series 3 and 4.

Just remember the larger scale Giants are simply not possible for inclusion into the static figure line (so not Tembo Jiwe or Takeshi Sumo), mid-tier figures tough could fit the same way Kayin launched Series 1.

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Goliath Customs

We love when our guys get painted up, if you remember we had the amazing Charles “Monsterforge” Marsh paint up a set of the originals in order to tour the country.


Those pieces are now inside my personal display at home , having been retired from public view.


But now that our Goliath PVC has been making the rounds we are seeing more and more awesome paint jobs

Here is a Hart Foundation tribute done by PlasticSulu on the October Toys board


And here is a TMNT Leatherhead paint job done by _bigburty_ on Instagram


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Action Figure Barbecue reviews Goliath

We apologize for lack of recent updates this week, the site was undergoing server maintenance.

Our friend and supporter since the beginning Jerry has given his thoughts on the Goliath figure


We would like to thank all those who came out in support of the Clutter InAction3 show, all of the exclusive items we sent sold out in the first weekend of the show!!


I have spoken with Nick at Clutter and told him how happy we were there was interest in MWOTR, they do this show once a year and so we will plan to send a few more neat things the next time they have it!

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Prototypes available now

We have made available a small batch of urethane prototypes of $25 Tembo Jiwe, $30 Takeshi Sumo and for the first time $20 Clubber from the Fortune Seekers!

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Go Figure reviews Goliath and Takeshi Sumo release this weekend!

First up TJ at Go Figure News has done a nice and thorough review of Goliath


Second we have a limited number of Takeshi Sumo $30 Urethane prototypes up for sale sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. We will post pics later today, I believe the available colors were Army Green and Solid Black.

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Generations returns this spring with Series 2!

Seasoned MWOTR fans will remember last years Generation Lions project. For those who don’t remember, the Generations project was a line of 5″ scaled Leo sculpts done to portray the family line.

In the upcoming Volume IV we will see Ransom as the mentor to Yvonne Wolfrom, and with the release of Series 2 we will see the Generations Lion in 2″ minifigure scale.

To commemorate and promote that, Hasbro artist and our good friend Leanne Hannah has produced new art for each member of the Corazon family.

First up are father and son, AWF Promoter Leonidas Hart and current AWF Star Leo Corazon


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Toy Break 344 looks at Goliath!

Thanks George and Ayleen for the review, you can see it at around 18:53

We have heard that Goliath is nearly sold out/already sold out from our retail partner in Russia, Rotofugi is completely sold out as well. So it seems everyone is grabbing up Goliath as he shows up!

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Goliath is in stock at Rotofugi


Rotofugi now has Goliath in stock for those that missed out. 1 per person limit


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Interview with Keshi Drop & Goliath Video Reviews

Hot off the heels of Goliath’s super quick sell out we had a fun interview with the Keshi Drop Blog, head on over there to check it out


We also saw a bunch of Goliath video reviews this weekend


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Clutter Magazine Art Show Exclusives

We have sent three exclusives to Clutter Magazine for their February Art Show


It is the last urethane casting of the Thermal Blue to Clear robed Sheldon Sabre (last seen as a PowerCon 2013 Exclusive) and a never before released Blood Red Clear Ulric Wolfrom 3.0. They will come in a clamshell with retro M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired packaging


We will also be sending one of the last remaining Series 1 Flesh 3 Packs with trading cards in the same style clamshell as well as a (now rare) Emerald Green Goliath with trading card in a clamshell.

I went back and forth with what to send and I decided it would be best to provide some rarer and low cost items to introduce a new customer base to MWOTR. With these three items it will provide collectors and fans of all ages and budgets to pickup some MWOTR in an area you might not see them 🙂

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