Dork Dimension looks at the MWOTR Playmat

Our friend Nate Newell over at Dork Dimension gives a nice overview of the AWF Playmat we will have on sale for C2E2


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Minifigure scaled title belt WIP

People should know by now that the MWOTR team always has projects in motion, but certain projects take longer then others.

PVC production for example can take 3-5 months once we have all the sculpts finalized and tooled, but that does not count the time it takes to sculpt the original pieces and ready them to be sent to China (that can take 4-6 months).

We just showed off the Generations Lion’s which took from Late Oct-last week (so ~5 months) and the AWF Production Playmats which took about 2 months.

So what else have we been working on? The latest project we are excited to show off is the in scale AWF Heavyweight Championship of course ๐Ÿ™‚

If you remember last September I showed off the life size AWF Heavyweight Title made for us by Pro-Am Belts.

AWF Heavyweight Title

We use this display piece at our conventions, but in reality it served as a starting point for our 2″ scale belt. Even though the design of the physical belt is slightly different, it helps to have an actual title plate to look at so that it sits right on the characters of different size.

Using a render from the original design , our partner Josh Edwards ofย  True Cast Studio was able to get the plate designed and cast. Through a process called hydro shrinking we are working towards a perfectly scaled miniature version of this belt




If you are coming to see us in Chicago in 2 weeks then you will be able to see not only the real AWF belt but you can also see the first in person look at the prototype of our belt (its about 5″ scale at the moment)!

We hope to have some more updates as it nears completion later this year and we have an interesting idea for its release that might coincide with some new characters nobody has ever seen in toy form ๐Ÿ˜‰

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R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior

Normally I would not make a post about things that go on in professional wrestling. There are thousands of blogs that do it better and it really has nothing to do with my toyline or its characters.

This is different though, and I would feel wrong if I did not say something.

As I woke up today to a txt from my best friend telling me that the Ultimate Warrior had passed I was shocked. As a lifelong wrestling fan you become used to modern wrestlers dying at a young age, whether it be from drug overdoses, or the after effects of years of steroids and/or drugs. We have lost many legends in recent times, Macho Man Randy Savage, Paul Bearer, Big Daddy V, Sensational Sherri, Bam Bam Bigelow and the list goes on and on.

Warrior was never the “wrestler” that many in his generation strived to be, with a limited moveset of power moves it was his charisma and over the top portrayal that sent fans around the world into a craze. In later years he would border on the insane as he tended to isolate himself from many in the professional wrestling world with his opinions. His rants and outbursts were as entertaining as they were disturbing for fans of the business. He was a genius at self promotion and despite all the crazy he poured out , you never were far from seeing his likeness. I am glad that in recent years he seems to have calmed and was able to work with WWE to be recognized for his contributions to the sport.

Ultimate Warrior captured many of our hearts, here is a picture of me and you can obviously see who is up on the wall


Even today you will see the Ultimate Warrior’s influence all over my brand, I was very much a Hogan fan and remain a Hogan fan to this day. But there is no denying the Warrior’s over the top interviews and larger than life personality are some of the traits at the core of MWOTR’s world. As we develop our story and you meet more of the characters for the first time that will become clear.

When Eric Sorrells had the chance to customize a set of the minis he asked me what characters I wanted to see, it should come as no surprise that Warrior was one of them.


Even this past Monday night, as I was playing with the new Lion figures I choose 2 figures to be in the ring with them

Whatcha Gonna Do Brother!

Whatcha Gonna Do Brother!

I was glad to have seen him one last time on the WWE Hall of Fame this past weekend and again on RAW. I will regret never taking the opportunity to meet him, a chance I will not pass up in 2 weeks when I get the chance to meet Hulk Hogan.

Even though I am just one of millions and insignificant in the grand scheme of life, my thoughts go out to his wife Dana and his 2 girls Indy and Mattigan. You can be proud of who your father was and the legacy he leaves behind.

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Generations Lions Revealed

Got this incredible package from the studio today! All 6 Lions in their final color separated form

So far we have bios for 3 of the 6 Family Members, as we get closer to C2E2 we will be posting the remaining bios

We have stocked the Studio Store with some Purple to go along with the handful of Orange as well as a few Alberto’s that we had ready before the Con

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Yvonne Wolfrom Bio

Yvonne is a complex character in our world, without a full fledged female division (at least one that we can maintain at the moment) her story can only be told as it ties into others.

She has two sculpts which means ultimately two releases, so we figured we would split her bio into two parts to compliment the future comic book we have planned.


We will show off the two mail away options Monday night, and we “should” have these packaged and ready to ship sometime late next week or early the week after to those who have redeemed their tickets.

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Generations Update Ransom Bio & Sneak Peak

Earlier this week we gave you Ashur’s bio, and now we give you his little brother Ransom. You will notice some names you have never heard before, the AWF history is long and storied and all will be revealed in time ๐Ÿ˜‰


In addition all the Lions have been completed, next week we will reveal the 6 lions of “Generations” in their $100 full color artist editions which will be available at C2E2 in a few weeks.

photo 2(1)

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Yvonne Wolfrom Mail Away Card Art by Becca Baertsch

Here is your first look at the mail away card art for the Yvonne Wolfrom figure


The artwork is by a very talented 13 year old girl by the name of Becca Baertsch. If the last name sounds familiar to those in the Glyos and MOTU universe, it is because her father is none other than Nate Baertsch who has done work for the 4H, Spy Monkey and does the beautiful illustrations for the Icon Heroes MOTU Statue Line.

He assisted his daughter on lines, cleanup and colors. We were very happy that we could work with Nate’s daughter and look forward to having her do more work on our line as we move forward.

Later this week we will show off both the metallic and the thermal color change Yvonne Wolfrom figures, we anticipate shipping out the first wave of Mail Orders around the 2nd or 3rd week of April. Remember you have till 6/15/2014 to get your mail away certificates in


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MWOTR Production Playmats are here!!

We got our first shipment of officially produced playmats this afternoon!

photo 1

And yes it rolls up for easy storage

photo 2 (1)

I also made it a bit larger than the “test” playmat we had been giving out at KC Planet Comicon and Emerald City Comicon, it now measures 10″ x 15″ and it is 1/8″ thick


But even though the area is larger everything is still to scale and the ring fits perfectly overtop the illustrated ring for placement.


These will go on sale at C2E2 in a few weeks, we have very limited stock of 25 pieces to see if there is demand. If things go well we will put this item in the True Cast Studio Store as a regular item like we have our ring and PVC.

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MWOTR Generations update: Breakdown of a Lion

First off we would like to congratulate long time MWOTR Fan Jimmy for picking up the Alberto Corazon lion we put in the store this weekend! We should have a few more for C2E2 and another may appear on the store before then!

Now some people have asked why Alberto did not have gloves on. The Generations artwork is all based off the same design (which originally was the War Games Leo) just as the sculpt of the 5″ Lion is a modified Leo sculpt (removal of the C in the mask and the wings on the thigh).

We decided to give Alberto a look which more closely resembled the original idea of him which you can see on the current AWF Logo (the ones on most of your wrestling rings). This look of course has no gloves




However that does not mean the gloves won’t be color matched for the remaining “Generations” Lions ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 1

photo 2

And just so you can see how incredibly awesome this piece is, here is a breakdown of the master used to make Alberto (it now has 4 more pieces since the hands were done after this pic was taken). As you can see an amazing amount of time and effort has been put into the creation of this Lion.

Joshua Edwards cannot receive enough praise for the monumental effort needed to pull off this molding, and Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen spent weeks detailing and smoothing the overall sculpt. In the end its just a beauty no matter which character is being shown!


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MWOTR heads to St Louis & January Order Update

Our retail partner Jay’s CD & Hobby head to Wizard World St. Louis on 4/4-4/6 with their retail exclusive Black 3 packs


We also have received our stock of figures from the January Made to Order sale, this was the sale which for the final 3 prototypes of 2013 which ultimately became our 1st series PVC 3 Pack. We will be quality control checking them over the next week or two and then hopefully shipping them out shortly before C2E2.

Next week we will update those who have sent in their mailaway redemptions, your figures are just about ready ๐Ÿ™‚

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